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Phola is a 26-part reality series that navigates the lives of young South Africans in post-apartheid South Africa. Read more

Metro FM personality, tv presenter and all-around humble guy – Mo Flava gives back.

Born in Dube Soweto, Moeti Tsiki, popularly known as Mo Flava, embarked on a media studies diploma at Boston Media House, majoring in Radio Broadcasting and Programming as well as Journalism. His focus and ambition, driven by an intense interest and passion for media at large led him on a pathway to success. From presenting a popular music television show to currently hosting the hottest morning radio show, The Morning Fix on Metro FM, Mo Flava displays a unique blend of flair, charisma and humility.

It’s with this humility that Mo Flava partnered with Boston Media House to offer 10 aspiring students, interested in studying radio, bursaries. Mo’s interest in radio stems from the medium’s ability to relate to different people in a very personal and interactive manner. He views radio as one of the main drivers not only of information but also of popular culture and perception.

There’s a definite science to radio and Mo Flava knows how to mix up the right chemistry. Life is about knowing when to take the right opportunities presented before you, and as successful and influential as Mo Flava has become, he often knows when to cash in the most opportune moments. The bursary provides aspiring students with the necessary tools to embark on the very same journey Mo Flava once took in navigating, overcoming and conquering the radio industry. In partnering with Boston Media House, Mo Flava presents the first step to students to potentially becoming the next radio legends of our time.

Catch Mo Flava on The Morning Fix, Weekdays at 08:00 – 10:00. Exclusive to Metro FM.

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The South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) TV Network have introduced an exciting revamped schedule.

SABC2 has introduced an exciting revamped schedule, complete with brand new shows, new seasons of some of our viewers’ favourite programmes and slot changes.

“This schedule revamp is a direct response to the evolving television landscape, and in keeping up with the SABC’s audience current needs and expectations. In making these changes the corporation ensured that it remained aligned to its mandate as a public service broadcaster, continuing to entrench its dominance in this competitive environment and meet the set business requirements”, commented Group Executive: Television, Ms Verona Duwarkah.


The channel’s Sotho/Tswana/Sepedi News moves from 19:30 to 18:00.


Evoke_MooiloopMooiloop! returns with the series on Mondays at 19:30. The series also introduces a new host, actress and TV personality Elma Postma known for her role as Dezi Terreblanche on 7de Laan. Mooiloop! is a travel series consisting of a combination of lifestyle and travel elements, shot in a unique reality style format.

An international drama series Person of Interest starts on Monday the 7th of March at 20:00. An ex-assassin and a wealthy programmer save lives via surveillance that sends them the identities of civilians involved in impending crimes. However, the details of the crimes including the civilians roles are left a mystery.


SABC2 will also introduce for the first time, sitcom Parys Parys at 19:30 on Tuesdays. Sketched in the picturesque background of the Free State jewel Parys, an ordinary Afrikaans family share their daily trials and challenges with the viewers.

Also on Tuesdays, the channel will repeat season 1 of the much loved Afrikaans drama series Geraamtes In Die KasGeraamtes In Die Kas is set in the world of four psychiatrists and psychologists as they balance their chaotic lives with patients, families and careers, while maintaining their own sanity.


The annual The National Teachers Awards will be broadcast on Tuesday the 8th of March at 20:30. The teachers’ scheme is one of the ways in which the Department of Basic Education acknowledges and encourages dedicated and caring teachers in their efforts to develop each learner as a citizen of a democratic, non-racial and non-sexist South Africa.


Motswako moves to 19:30 on Wednesdays followed by Ngula Ya Vutivi/Zwa Maramani on the new time-slot of 20:00. Xitsonga talk show Vusaseki moves to 20:30.


Evoke_50_50The long running wild-life documentary, 50/50 returns to SABC2 on the 18th of  February 2016, introduced in the new time slot of Thursdays  at 19:30. Seasoned presenters Ntokozo Mbuli, Bertus Louw and Bonne de Bod will remain as presenters of the new season.

Investigative current affairs programme Leihlo La Setshaba moves to 20:30 on Thursdays.
A documentary Murder She Solved starts on Thursday the 4th of February at 22:30. It tells the true stories of female crime solvers who, against all odds, have solved some of the most daunting murder cases in North America.


The 18th of February sees the much anticipated return of lifestyle programme Pasella at 19:30. As the name indicates Pasella is a bonus to the viewers as it exposes them to the lifestyles of their favourite celebrities, bringing content packed with all that a viewer has come to expect.


Pasella will be followed by season 41 of  Noot Vir Noot. Celebrating 25 years on television this year, Noot Vir Noot will be broadcast at 20:00.


International comedy series My Wife And Kids move to Saturdays at 18:30.

Evok_AbomzalaThe channel also launches a new reality show Showville on Saturday the 6th of February at 19:30. Showville is hosted by Rob Van Vuuren and Bontle Modiselle.The show makes dreams a reality by bringing the glamour and glitz of television to the small, remote and often overlooked dorpies across South Africa. It will offer ordinary citizens their 15 minutes of fame as they showcase their talents in front of the camera.

Also returning in February is season 2 of local comedy Abomzala at 20:30. A sitcom about single women on the other side of 30 trying to find their Mr right.


The Afrikaans investigative news property Fokus returns to SABC2 on Sunday at 18:30.


The South African Broadcasting Corporation’s (SABC) TV Network have introduced an exciting revamped schedule.

Complete with brand new shows, new seasons of some of SABC viewers’ favourite programmes, slot changes and a list of spanking new personalities ready to thrill viewers with an enhanced television viewing experience.



The channel has introduced several changes to the weekday primetime schedule.


The local drama slot at 20:30 has been reduced to 24 minutes. We have acquired what we believe is an exciting offering to premiere in the Thursday 20:30 slot. Mfolozi Street Season 2, the series, starring Hlubi Mboya, Robert Mpisi, Luthuli Dlamini among others, promises to certainly raise a few industry standards in storytelling.Evoke_Warras


The channel has made a bold decision for the Friday entertainment primetime slot by acquiring a new 48-minute music entertainment show, Urban Music Xperience, hosted by Luthando “Lootlove” Shosha and Adil More, to be scheduled at 21:00, followed by Skyroom Live at 22:00. A revamped series of Live Amp, hosted by Pearl Thusi and DJ Warras, will now premiere on Friday at 19:30.

The 5th season of Fan Base at 18:00 will offer viewers an exciting revamp and a new versatile presenter in Akhumzi Jezile.


The weekend schedule will see changes in both daytime and primetime.


Saturday 09:00 will be the repeat of Urban Music Xperience

This means that Mzansi Insider, which has acquired a new co-presenter in Rorisang Thadekiso, then moves to 10:00, an hour later than it had been previously scheduled. This has a further impact on the Generations Legacy Omnibus, which will now start at 11:00.

Season 14 of Friends Like These at 18:00 provides our viewers with added fun with comedian, Trevor Gumbi, in the driving seat and the introduction of new and exciting games.



Evoke_Gospel_GoldSunday 09:00 will be Gospel Gold, presented by Thabiso Mokhethi and Sthembile Mhlongo, followed by Mzansi Insider at 10:00.

At 12:30 on Sunday, SABC1 introduces an uZalo Omnibus in line with audiences’ expectations. 

A 48-minute drama slot has been created on Sundays at 20:00. Titles acquired for this slot are Ngempela and Sokhulu & Partners.



Skeem Saam February 2016

Skeem Saam is a blend of stories about the journey to manhood. The local drama series examines the plight of today’s male children and the tough challenges they face transitioning into manhood. Dodge bullets in Turfloop, experience narrow escapes in big cities and struggle to find independence and meaning in their lives only on Skeem Saam.

Episode 146 (Monday 1st February 2016)

Principal Thobakgale receives some shocking news from the hospital.Students arrive back at varsity, and it’s anybody’s guess how things will pan out between Emkay and Jama. Mr Kgomo asks Dr Hlongwane for a favour.

Episode 147 (Tuesday 2nd February 2016)

Tbose and Kwaito are on tenterhooks, wondering what Emkay will do next. Principal Thobakgale deals with the news of Lizzy’s paralysis by going into full attack mode. Tbose ties one last loose end from the last year, and shocks Enhle to the core.

Episode 148 (Wednesday 3rd February 2016)

An unexpected event happens at the hospital, where two sworn enemies also meet.It seems like the chickens have come home to roost for one of the university students when old secrets tumble out.

Episode 149 (Thursday 4th February 2016)

Principal Thobakgale is forced to face the reality that Mangalisohas a strong effect on her daughter. Darika proves to be a very unpredictable man. Mangaliso tries to make contact with an ex.

Episode 150 (Friday 5th February 2016)

Emotions run high leading up to the wedding and Leeto’s best man quits. Principal Thobakgale cannot bring herself to tell her daughter the truth. Fists go flying in a university residence room and no one is willing to lose the fight.

Episode 151 (Monday 8th February 2016)

Darika finds a new way to silence Leeto.Principal Thobakgale breaks the dreadful news to Elizabeth.Mary Matloga puts Meikie in her place.

Episode 152 (Tuesday 9th February 2016)

Mary has bad news about the wedding, and Mokgadi is convinced that she is cursed. Kwaito and Tbose try to get Jama and Emkay to bury the hatchet.

Episode 153 (Wednesday 10th February 2016)

Meikie and Mary Matloga’s differences are on full display as they make wedding arrangements. Leeto has a surprise for Mokgadi.Emkay decides to fight for his woman.

Episode 154 (Thursday 11th February 2016)

A blast from the past reveals John Maputla and Mary Matloga’s dark secret. Elizabeth stands up for love against her mother. Ayanda wants to free herself of Emkay’s shackles.

Episode 155 (Friday 12th February 2016)

There is an air of unpredictability as enemies and friends gather to celebrate Leeto’s wedding. Darika sends another threatening message, and this time he means business.

Episode 156 (Monday 15th February 2016)

The wedding is a colourful celebration of love. Leeto is relieved when the danger from Darika is averted. No one is aware of Lord of the Flies’ machinations behind the scenes.

Episode 157 (Tuesday 16th February 2016)

Mokgadi’s life is turned upside down and she weeps by her husband’s side.Mangaliso corners Lord of the Flies.Malebana and Babeile are on Darika’s trail.


Episode 158 (Wednesday 17th February 2016)

Mangaliso saves Leeto’s life.Principal Thobakgale is shocked to find Lizzy under police guard.Tbose refuses to make peace with Enhle while Emkay plans revenge on Jama.

Episode 159 (Thursday 18th February 2016)

Meikie is enraged when she overhears Mary Matloga planting a seed of doubt in Mokgadi’s mind. Jama accuses Ayanda of being indecisive. Meikie and John rush against time to avert another disaster.

Episode 160 (Friday 19th February 2016)

Lord of the Flies reveals his true colours. Molahlegi cries on Alfred’s shoulder, and confesses that her job at Bling Magazine is on the line. John asks Mangaliso to end his friendship with Leeto.

Episode 161 (Monday 22ndFebruary 2016)

Principal Thobakgale gives Leeto and Mangaliso a piece of her mind. Enhle appeals to Kwaito to help her get Tbose back. Leeto is discharged from hospital.

Episode 162 (Tuesday 23rd February 2016)

Mangaliso and Leeto’s long friendship comes to an emotional end. Tbose realises that Enhle still cares about Sakhile.Meikie accidentally blurts out that she knows Mokgadi’s father.

Episode 163 (Wednesday 24th February 2016)

The Maputlas welcome the news of Lord of the Flies’ arrest.Things take a dark turn when Principal Thobakgale reveals her plans for Lizzy. Tbose shatters every hope that Enhle had about their relationship.

Episode 164 (Thursday 25th February 2016)

As the birth of her child draws closer, Ma Kunutu faces some tough decisions.

Kwaito receives some shocking news about his worst enemy. Lizzy learns that there is a chance that she could walk again.

Episode 165 (Friday 26th February 2016)

News of an escaped prisoner spreads like wildfire. The fight between Alfred and Ma Kunutu escalates. Kwaito seeks revenge.

Episode 166 (Monday 29th February 2016)

Mangaliso discovers Lelo’s whereabouts. Mary advises Mokgadi to take control of her marriage. Enhle pleads with Tbose to give their love a chance.

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