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SABC Evoke_Mandela Day (25 of 25)

On Monday 18 July, SABC joined with local TV and radio networks for their most challenging Mandela Day Project yet.

A children’s’ home in Daveyton near Benoni was in a serious state of disrepair and desperately needed restoration. Walls had to be scraped and painted, fences built, a garden planted AND a jungle-gym for the kids had to be shipped in and painted. 67 minutes later and 100 hands on deck, the team had hardly scratched the surface of all that needed to be done. A hard day’s work was underway.


Many cuts, bruises and parched throats later, the sun was going down and the work was almost complete. Our reward was instantaneous. The kids (and surrounding residents) looked on with wide-eyed wonder at the transformation, excited and delighted. It was well worth the sacrifice.

Our motivation to carry out this project came from the rich legacy of selfless service passed onto us by Madiba. However, restoring and upgrading this home and refuge for so many gave us an extra bout of inspiration.

Make everyday a Mandela Day, but make Mandela Day an exceptional day.


The Party Goes On

Saturday the 18th June saw a mass of youth under the age of 18 gather together at the Innesfree Park in Sandton for an evening of new friendships, lasting memories and the best in local music.

SABC’s 5FM Live Loud Youth Fest in an annual gathering for South Africa’s under 18’s looking to celebrate the legacy of those remembered for their role in shaping this country on that fateful but pivotal day of June 16th, 1976. With a list of 5FM radio personalities and djs, the Live Loud Youth Fest offers a safe and carefree environment for youths to party with no cause for concern whilst allowing them to experience the best that the radio station has to offer in a live setting.

With youth comes the some of the latest and trendiest looks and styles hot off the streets of suburbs, townships and urban culture. Evoke took to the fields of Innesfree park to photograph these looks – here’s a selection of what a few of South Africa’s youth are wearing:




Metro FM personality, tv presenter and all-around humble guy – Mo Flava gives back.

Born in Dube Soweto, Moeti Tsiki, popularly known as Mo Flava, embarked on a media studies diploma at Boston Media House, majoring in Radio Broadcasting and Programming as well as Journalism. His focus and ambition, driven by an intense interest and passion for media at large led him on a pathway to success. From presenting a popular music television show to currently hosting the hottest morning radio show, The Morning Fix on Metro FM, Mo Flava displays a unique blend of flair, charisma and humility.

It’s with this humility that Mo Flava partnered with Boston Media House to offer 10 aspiring students, interested in studying radio, bursaries. Mo’s interest in radio stems from the medium’s ability to relate to different people in a very personal and interactive manner. He views radio as one of the main drivers not only of information but also of popular culture and perception.

There’s a definite science to radio and Mo Flava knows how to mix up the right chemistry. Life is about knowing when to take the right opportunities presented before you, and as successful and influential as Mo Flava has become, he often knows when to cash in the most opportune moments. The bursary provides aspiring students with the necessary tools to embark on the very same journey Mo Flava once took in navigating, overcoming and conquering the radio industry. In partnering with Boston Media House, Mo Flava presents the first step to students to potentially becoming the next radio legends of our time.

Catch Mo Flava on The Morning Fix, Weekdays at 08:00 – 10:00. Exclusive to Metro FM.

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