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High Rollers

High Rollers
High Rollers

High Rollers – SABC3

One of SABC’s most popular local drama series, High Rollers revolves around the love for money, family and God.

high roller – noun

a person who spends money freely for entertainment and extravagant living.

It’s not all glitz and glamour in the life of a high roller. Heartbreak, loss, and even murder – these are some of the prices you might have to pay in order to bask in the limelight. But are you willing to take the necessary steps to make it to the top?

When faced with keeping a successful casino from ruin, managing a family and maintaining a working relationship with his enemies, peers, and staff – David King, played by actor Antony Coleman, has to use a stern and often deceptive approach to his leadership.

Justin Strydom, portrayed as Paul King, plays a headstrong ex-convict turned born again Christian man. Struggling with the hurt he has caused his family, the desire to seek out forgiveness for murdering his own father, and navigating the unexpected but urgent call of God in his life, Paul needs to learn how to forgive himself first and comes to terms with the flaws of humanity.

Ambition is often matched with greed, especially when you’re a celebrity figurehead and visionary black diamond archetype. It’s not easy being Thato “TT” Mogale, played by legendary Fezile Mpela, when the weight of a brotherhood is placed on your shoulders. Can TT bridge the divide between David and Paul King’s relationship or will he be faced with the unfortunate task of picking sides as the feud between the Kings escalate?


The stakes are only getting higher, weekdays Monday – Friday at 19:30 on SABC3.

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