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Here’s a toast to the youth of South Africa who, through all adversity, have rose above the circumstances and are continously making a success.

Phola is a 26-part reality series that navigates the lives of young South Africans in post-apartheid South Africa.

“Phola” is a docu-soap series narrating the average young South Africans triumphs and tribulations in trying to navigate their way through modern South African life. This takes into account challenges they are faced with considering the socio-economic issues in South Africa and the balance to remaining real with the socio-economics and the relevancy they grapple with on a day to day basis.

The show adopts a one look, one feel and two different view points. Phola Tsotsi segment focuses on young men’s issues and the flip side, Phola Cherrie, concentrates on young women’s issues.

The show features people like Mirriam Mngomane who is a model and a business woman who owns a Modelling Agency,

Neftaly who is a Social Entrepreneur,

Thatiso who is a designer and owns Galaxy Boys store,

Zee Nxumalo who is a young Business Entrepreneur,

Farah Fortune who is a Business Woman and a Publicist.

The series follows the lives of young South Africans who through pursuing their outer lives, have had to undergo inner life changes be it for the better or for the worse. In sharing their stories and the challenges that shaped their choices and decisions, they hope viewers will be able to go within themselves and reflect on their own lives.

Catch Phola on SABC 1, Wednesdays at 18:00.



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